Denmead Parish Prayer Walk – 28th January 2017

Parish Prayer Walk

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On Saturday 28th January 2017 (the day before I am licensed to All Saints) I will be walking a 5.65 mile route around Denmead Parish praying for the community and surrounding areas and asking for God’s blessing on our homes, shops, schools, businesses etc. 

The walk will be in 4 stages.  Please do join me for all of the walk if you able, or you are most welcome to come and go at each stage along the route (Points 2, 3 and 4 on map above)   

STAGE 1 The walk will start at 9.45am at All Saints, Hambledon Rd, Denmead PO7 6NN

From here we will walk along Hambledon Rd turning left onto Kidmore Lane.  From here we will head towards the Scout Hut.  From the Scout Hut, we will head down towards the Cemetery.  After this we will cut through on footpath to Park Rd and follow down towards Hambledon Rd. From here we turn towards Hambledon.  We will follow up the Hambledon Rd and then take a left along Uplands Rd.  We then turn left again on to Thompsons Lane and then on to School Lane.  We will aim to arrive at the Denmead Community Centre (Point 2) for 11.15am and stop for fifteen minutes, this is time to leave or join the walk if you wish.

STAGE 2 Beginning at Denmead Community Centre 11.30am (Point 2)

From Denmead Community Centre we will head a short distance back down Hambledon Rd before cutting through Mason’s Walk onto Harvest Rd.  From here we will cut down through Hawthorn Rd and Hatchmore Rd leading out onto Forest Rd.  We will then head towards the Harvest Home pub along Southwick Rd where we pause again for people to join/leave the walk if you wish.  We should be at the Harvest Home by 11.45 am and will pause for 15mins.

STAGE 3 Beginning at the Harvest Home pub, Southwick Rd 12 noon (Point 3)

Beginning at the Harvest Home, we will cross Southwick Rd. into the Greenways footpaths.  Here we will follow along several of the footpaths, through the residential area and up towards the park and children’s play area (off Ashling Park Rd.).  From here the route heads south down Ashling Park Rd. towards Forest Rd.  The route takes us a short distance along Forest Park Rd, before turning left up the footpath onto Mead End Rd.  We will pause again at Cornerstone Baptist Church.  We aim to be at this point for 12.45pm with a fifteen-minute break.

STAGE 4 Beginning at Cornerstone, Mead End Rd 1pm  (Point 4)

From Cornerstone, the final stage continues up Mead End Rd, before crossing over and following north up Mill Rd.  The route then takes us along Anmore Rd before turning back down Martin Avenue.  Here the route crosses Hambledon Rd and takes a short detour down Bere Rd to visit the Junior school.  We then turn back on ourselves along Hambledon Rd stopping at the Infant school.  We continue along Hambledon Rd into the shopping area where we will complete a small loop around the village green before returning to the church.  We should finish around 2pm.

You’ll notice on the map that there are lots of ‘P’ points.  These are an indication off places along the route where we will pause briefly and pray.  There will be opportunity to follow some written prayers (which I will bring), but also to pray extempore should you wish. 

I’m really looking forward to this day of prayer for our community.  It will go ahead, whatever the weather, so please dress appropriately and wear sensible shoes/boots!  You may also want to bring a small snack/drink to keep you going along the way…

With every blessing,


Revd Emma Racklyeft