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Weekly Update – 24th May 2020

22 May 2020 14:30

from Revd Emma.   

Dear friends, 

I do so hope you are all well at this time – staying safe and enjoying this beautiful sunny weather.  This is a quick update on various aspects of our church community life.

Thy Kingdom Come

This week we continue to unite with Christians from all over the globe in a world-wide initiative called Thy Kingdom Come.  From Ascension Day (Thurs 21st) to Pentecost (next Sunday) we pray that men, women, and children will come to know God and His saving power and love.  

Now in past years we’ve been able to engage in various ways with this initiative– this year this isn’t possible – and so I’m suggesting that actually we keep it very simple and do exactly as we’re been asked… PRAY.  Can I encourage you to pray for five people who you would love to see come to know God – His love, His acceptance, His healing, and forgiveness.  Everyday pray for them – name them before God and ask that God will be at work in their lives, by His Spirit in the most amazing way; that they might come to faith and trust in Jesus.  I would also encourage you to pray the Lord’s Prayer each day – in praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ we’re committing to playing our part in the renewal of our nation and transformation of our parish. To find out more please visit

Online Services –  

Services over the next two weeks are as follows:

  • And on Sunday 31st May at 10am there will be a Pentecost Service with Holy Communion.  For this special Celebration I will preside from within our church building. Please be ready to join with me at home.
  • Sunday 7th June 10am is Trinity Sunday there will be a short act of worship including a focus on the five Mission Partners we support at All Saints.  
  • Also, on Sunday 7th June we will set up a link on our website to a written Taizé Service focussed on the Trinity, prepared by Revd David Lindsay and Revd Anne Lindsay.  This service will provide all the readings and text needed along with links to YouTube videos for the Taizé chants so you can join in from home. 

These services are available either on our Facebook page, or on our website: and 

A sad loss

At the end of April Leila Waterman sadly died after a short battle with Cancer.  Her funeral was last week.  Her daughters, Sue, Vicki and Annie would like to thank you all for the many cards and messages of support they received at this sad time.   They yet hope to have a Service of Thanksgiving for Leila at All Saints once restrictions allow and I will inform you once a date has been set.  

Jack Williams – our new Curate

Exciting news… at long last Jack, Charley and Caleb have the go ahead to move to Denmead.  This Thursday and Friday they will be taking up residence in the new Curate’s house – 2 Carpenters Field.  Officially Jack cannot start work in the Parish until the 4th July when he is licensed as a Lay Minister.  However, over the next few weeks, if you can please drop them in a welcome gift or new home card, or give their door bell a ring and say ‘hello’ from the front garden.   

I know they will much appreciate meeting us and beginning to settle in.  Hopefully, as restrictions continue to change over the summer months, we might yet be able to have a church picnic and welcome Jack and his family to our community.  

Last of all, but by no means least, an Update from Lewis Jones – our Children and Family Community Leader:

“Firstly, let me say a huge thank you for all your prayers and support.  On the 29th April we were blessed with the arrival of baby Jasmine.  Jasmine is bringing a new joy and light to our family, especially during this difficult time.  It has been quite tough having a baby during lockdown, with various restrictions and not being able to see family and friends as we would wish.  

Sophie is still recovering but doing well and improving every day.  Sophie is probably the most social of us all, a real family person, so she is struggling the most with lockdown.  However, daily phone calls and video chats to family and friends have really helped; what a blessing technology can be! 

Kalani is struggling with not being able to get out, seeing family and friends, and is really missing church and nursery. She is an amazing big sister and is enjoying constant cuddles and kisses and telling Jasmine how much she loves her. Kalani is being so helpful to us and loves to get involved with everything (we try to involve her in as much as we can.) She has been helping with nappies, bath time, reading stories and even feeding - but most of all she has been helping us with things like tidying, cleaning, and baking cakes (real ones and pretend!)

I have taken the last three weeks off form work to enjoy time with my family.   I am constantly remembering what it is like to have a new-born again; the joy and trials it brings! Watching my family grow and learn together is a delight. Some of my best memories have been created during lockdown, especially watching the relationship Kalani is building with Jasmine.  Lockdown has had its ups and downs, as I’m sure it has for all of us.  We don’t have a garden where we live, which I am personally finding hard and it is very strange to be living in Portsmouth when our hearts are in Denmead with you all. 

I am now back working from home, and trying to adjust to not only now having two children but also juggling them whilst working in the same room (most of the time), creating videos and content for our church families (Little Stars and Messy Church) and running meetings for our young people. Work is now quite different but I am privileged to be able to continue building, growing and supporting relationships and connections with our children, young people and families, especially at a time when they might not be getting any other church connection. 

We are missing you all and can’t wait to be back together in Denmead and at All Saints.  Thank you again for all your prayers and support, please do continue to pray for us.  Please also continue to pray for all the families we reach through Little Stars and Messy Church as well as our own children and young people at All Saints. 

Love, prayers and blessings to you all, Lewis, Sophie, Kalani and Jasmine.”

Finally, as I close, I am taking a few days ‘holiday’ this week (Sunday 24th – Wednesday 27th) but will be back Thursday onwards.  If during this time you need any urgent help or have questions please contact one of the Church Wardens, either Amanda Hillyard on 07808 198827 or Steve Venn on 07803 595915.

With every blessing and continued prayers,  


Revd Emma Racklyeft

Vicar All Saints, Denmead