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Thy Kingdom Come

Beginning this Thursday (Ascension Day) and continuing through to Pentecost (Sunday 31st) the Church of England unites with Christians from all around the world, in a world-wide initiative called Thy Kingdom Come. During these eleven days we pray very specifically that men, women, and children will come to know God and His saving power and love.

In past years we’ve been able to engage in various ways with this initiative– this year this isn’t possible – and so I’m suggesting that actually we keep it very simple and do exactly as we’re been asked... PRAY. Can I encourage you to pray for five people who you would love to see come to know God – His love, His acceptance, His healing, and forgiveness. Every day pray for them – name them before God and ask that God will be at work in their lives, by His Spirit in the most amazing way; that they might come to faith and trust in Jesus.

I would also encourage you to pray the Lord’s Prayer each day – in praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ we’re committing to playing our part in the renewal of our nations and transformation of our community/parish.

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