Sunday School at All Saints

Sunday School is for children aged 3 -11 and takes place on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of each month. The children begin with the whole church community before moving into their own worship space in the Heath Room during the first hymn. They then return to church before Communion is shared, so that they may receive a blessing from the minister and share news of their learning activities with the whole church family.

Our dedicated team of volunteer Sunday School leaders and helpers provide illustrated bible readings, prayers, games, drawing, colouring and simple craft activities to introduce the children to the stories of the Bible and teachings of Jesus and to help them to come to know God and to learn how they can care for other people, make a difference in the world and extend God’s Kingdom. The planning of Sunday School sessions is generally based on the lectionary we follow in church, so that bible readings and teaching themes will match those covered in parallel by the wider church.

For more information about Sunday School please speak to Peter Mitchell (9226 8757)