Vision and Values – Introduction

Vision and Values of ‘All Saints’

Earlier this year the PCC spent some time thinking about, praying and discussing what our Vision and Values should be here at All Saints.  Then at our APCM meeting in April we shared them with everyone. 

And so now as we head into Autumn we’re going to spend some time focussing on our Vision and Values and how they shape and form us as God’s people in this community.

Let’s start by thinking a bit about Vision….

So, to get us started here are some vision statements from leading world-wide companies/organisations.

Let’s have a look at a few and see if you can guess who they belong to. 

  1. Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. *If you have a body, you are an athlete.  (Nike)
  2. To save the world from mediocre coffee…  (Costa Coffee)
  3. Inspire the world.  Create the future (Samsung)
  4. To be the world’s best, quick service restaurant experience.  Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile.  (McDonalds)
  5. A just world without poverty (Oxfam)

Five quite different Vision statements… but there are several characteristics that they share.

Firstly, Vision is about the future. 

Secondly, Vision is all about having a clear picture, a picture in your mind’s eye of the way things could or should be in the days ahead. 

But Vision isn’t just a vague hope or wish or dream, rather Vision carries with it a sense of deep conviction that this must be accomplished. There is a convicting element that propels, enlivens, inspires and energizes so that the picture isn’t just a passive interest, but becomes action and accomplishment.

So, Vision shapes, it influences, it motivates, it directs and gives purpose.

Now keeping all that on the back burner, it is also worth noting that Vision is found in the Bible time and time again.   

I believe our God is a God of vision.

God called Abraham the Father of many nations long before his wife ever had her first child.

God spoke to Moses and promised deliverance for his people – even though they looked trapped in oppression and slavery. 

God saw a fresh start and new beginnings for Ruth and Naomi when they thought all had ended.

God saw a King, a leader in a young shepherd boy named David!

God saw the mother of Jesus the Messiah in a young virgin girl.

Time and time again God had a picture – a vision… and it wasn’t fanciful, but step by step that Vision became a reality.   

It shaped individuals, communities and nations. 

God’s Vision has always been about freedom, healing, and relationship with a loving heavenly Father. 

As a PCC we also had in our minds the stories Jesus told of God’s kingdom, stories of growth, mustard seeds becoming towering trees, stories of invitation and welcome, stories of change, transformation and healing, stories of acceptance and love.

And so, with all of this in our hearts and minds the PCC agreed this Vision Statement. 

Our Vision is to be a welcoming, growing, vibrant church for the community of Denmead.

And to build on that, we came up with three things that we want to be as God’s people:

KNOW God – that after all is the very heart of the Christian faith….  a people who know God, not just a head knowledge about God, not just facts, rather an active relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  A relationship of worship and trust, not just at church, but daily in every part of our lives.

Then we want to be a people who GROW in our faith and discipleship through prayer, study and trust in God.  So we don’t want to be a people who are stuck in the past, rather we want to be a people who day by day are following after Christ… to be a people who are looking to become more like Jesus in our thoughts, our actions, our relationships with others, and this will happen as we pray, as we study God’s word, as we trust daily in God.

And then very importantly we want to be a people who SHOW God’s love by serving our community…in actions and compassion, but crucially in sharing the good news of Jesus in the power of the Spirit.  We have the most amazing news ever – and it changes lives, brings transformation and healing….and so we want to talk about Jesus like it really matters.

And these three go together, and in a sense feed each other.  The more we KNOW God, the more we want to GROW, and as we GROW the more we want to SHOW and share that love with others.  And in turn the more we see lives changed and transformed, the more we want to KNOW God…and GROW and so we continue.

  • It is this Vision that we’re now aiming for, working towards… It motivates, directs and inspires our decisions, our actions, our thoughts, and our prayers. 
  • It’s a Vision with a desire to help every person, whether young or old, new to faith or been around for ever, an occasional visitor or regular attender, to help each and every person encounter God.
  • It is this Vision that forms who we are… our actions, our attitudes, our relationships.
  • This Vision shapes our culture…our ethos… it is who and what we are, both as individuals and as a community.

And so, to guide us, to help form our understanding we identified eight values which we want to embrace and live out as God’s people in this place.

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