Repair & Maintenance

List of jobs to be done.

Please advise Churchwardens of any updates needed….


  1. Paint church downpipes and gutters.  Repair leaks from joints in gutters. X
  2. Repaint clergy vestry. 
  3. Repair and repaint wall by join of old and new churches.  Also needs external inspection and possible remedial work.
  4. Spring clean church. 
  5. Plaster in Upper Room needs repairing X and repainting.
  6. Install a threshold on back door of church.
  7. Paint church ceiling using hydraulic tower. 


  1. Hall/office outer door difficult to lock. X
  2. Light Switch in Ladies’ toilets faulty? X
  3. Latches for fire doors in hall (external).
  4. Paint hall skirting.
  5. Clear loft space of accumulated rubbish (may need a skip).
  6. Install loft-boards above ceiling.
  7. Install roof felt under roof if feasible. 
  8. Gutter clearing and downpipe on back of hall – has a gap in it (guttering needs either re-aligning or extending).
  9. The hall thermostat needs to be caged in to prevent user access.
  10. Clean off mould from hall ceiling and repaint.
  11. Fill cracks between walls and ceilings in toilets and paint ceilings.
  12. Fix light fitting in gents’ toilet.
  13. Spring clean Hall.
  14. Squirrel-proofing loft if possible?


  1. Cut down ash tree by mower shed. 
  2. Reduce height of oak by Park Road.
  3. Reduce height of oak by church car park. 
  4. Trim bushes (Leylandii now done)
  5. Repaint mower shed. 
  6. Repair 1 spotlights on oak tree.    Consider the installation of an additional light on the corner of the church (altar end) that projects into the car park.
  7. Tidy up behind church and hall.   X
  8. Apply preservative to hall lawn/car park fence.  (decking oil has been suggested…)
  9. Re-set or replace right-hand gate post.