The Church building, with adjoining Hall and meeting rooms, is situated in the centre of this thriving village, set in grounds including a garden and large car park.

A House Of God

Denmead parish church is dedicated to All Saints, which means everyone, past, present and in the future who tries to love and serve their Lord, Jesus Christ, trusting that he loves them and gives them strength for their daily lives. A Christian church is not a building – it is primarily a community of people who, together and individually, are on a journey of faith. The building provides a focal point for prayer and learning about God, and for celebrating his greatest gift to us – His Son, Jesus.

Worship at All Saints

You are always welcome to come to any of the services in this church. There is a variety of styles of service, and further details are published in our monthly Parish Chronicle, in weekly notices, and on posters around the church. Arrangements for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals can be made with the Vicar.

Parish Life

As well as meeting for worship, people at All Saints join in many activities and groups, such as Sunday School, Young People’s activities, the Mothers Union, House Groups, the Sanctuary Guild, prayer groups, the Church Fete, Choirs, Band, and much else. The monthly Parish Magazine (the Chronicle) is published which is vital in telling people ‘what’s on’ and how to get involved.

All Saints’ in the Community

The church is a lively part of a thriving village and its members are active in sport, uniformed organisation, schools, politics, charities and interest groups of every sort. All Saints’, together with the Baptists and Roman Catholics of Denmead have an agreement (the “Ecumenical Covenant”) to work together in many forms of outreach, learning and worship. We also support the church and other good causes world-wide through fund-raising events, learning and prayer. We maintain overseas links with the Diocese of Kofridua, Ghana and with Geoff and Heather Wilson in the far East. There is a pastoral care group to help in bereavement, sickness and other types of need.

To find out more please contact any member of the church, and in particular the Vicar or Churchwardens.