Christians throughout the world are still rejoicing at being the Easter people. What is the ‘Good News’ and why should we be still remembering it? Our chocolate eggs gives us a clue and if you were given one of the Real Eggs this year which had the story of the Jesus in the box then you will know the answer to this question. Most eggs today are hollow and if taken apart there is nothing inside them. Some might feel cheated that they are hollow rather than being solid. But the empty egg speaks volumes about our risen Lord. The egg can be seen as the tomb that Christ was laid in after his death which the women went to early on the Sunday morning. To their surprise they found the tomb empty, Christ had risen.

Over the three days, Friday to Sunday Christians experience the depths and heights of human emotions. Good Friday the day when Christ was crucified all seems lost and the disciples hide themselves away, broken people. Sunday is the day of joy and some confusion. Jesus is no longer dead but alive. The chains of death have been broken once and for all and Christ has won for all of us who believe in him eternal life.

Life on this earth may be hard and difficult but we can now know that we have Jesus walking alongside through our earthly life and into eternity. The first disciples were amazed but also confused over this miraculous happening and it took a number of appearances to the disciples by Jesus to convince them that he really was risen from the dead.

If we still find it difficult to believe in Jesus Christ, to have a relationship with him, and some do, then to pray to Jesus to enlighten your heart and mind is the way froward. Bible study groups, prayer groups and church services all help to strengthen our faith and show us how we can have a joyful relationship with Jesus.

As April moves into May and summer I pray that for all of us our faith will also grow and blossom during the warm months.