Home Groups

What is a Home Group?

Simply a group of people meeting in someone’s home!

Since the beginnings of the Church in New Testament times, Christians have gathered in small groups in people’s homes for study, prayer, friendship, support etc. Today, this form of meeting can still enable us to achieve more than is sometimes possible in the main Church services. People of all ages come to these groups, and find that getting to know others on a closer level, and sharing thoughts, ideas and difficulties can be very helpful.

Home groups can be a great help to Spiritual growth, individually and together. There is a variety of groups meeting at different times and intervals. Maybe you’d be interested in finding out more? If so please speak to the Vicar or Churchwarden – or enquire at the office.

For many, home groups are a vital part of Church life. There’s nothing quite like an informal get-together in someone’s home – for fellowship, support, bible study and refreshments – and invariably a fair bit of laughter!

Churchwardens: Samantha Davidson 023 9204 7915; Steve Venn 023 9242 1471
Church Office: 023 9226 8757