Parish Magazine

Let me begin by wishing you all a very Happy Easter!   

Easter graphicEaster is incredible – celebrated for nearly 2,000 years, but why…what is it all about?   

For Christians Easter is more than Easter bunnies, new born lambs, daffodils and chocolate eggs!  Easter is a time to celebrate and give thanks to God for his love, new life and freedom. 

On Good Friday, Christians remember the death of Jesus; we are grateful and thankful that Jesus died for each of us because of his great love. However, Easter Sunday celebrates and rejoices that Jesus did not stay dead.  Three days after Jesus was hung on a cross, he rose again, and in doing so defeated death, evil, sin, guilt and shame.   Jesus’ resurrection broke all barriers and initiated a new era in which anyone who believes and trusts in Him, can find new life…a transformed life, that begins in the here and now and lasts for eternity.  Easter Sunday was, and is, the greatest day in history.  And Easter opens an invitation to each of us; an invitation to get to know God, to become connected to God in a lifelong journey and adventure. 

And so, this Easter Sunday, Christians will celebrate, rejoice and sing for Jesus is alive – alleluia!  We will share a few chocolate eggs undoubtedly, and in our churches, we will use gold and white, symbolic colours that represent the hope, light and joy that Jesus Christ is risen, as we mark the greatest day in history. 

If you would like to find out more about Easter and what it means to be connected to God, sat at the back of church are some booklets ‘Making the Easter Connection’ written by J.John. 

You are most welcome to come and pick one up (no charge) and read it through at home.  And we would love for you to join with us at All Saints, to join our services and community.  We are a family of all ages, who are journeying together, exploring what it means to be connected to God and to follow after Him.   We would love to welcome you.   

Wishing you every joy and blessing in Christ this Easter, 

Revd Emma